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      JIRA Compatibility | Limitations

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      JIRA System Connector supports:

      1. Jira Server | Data Center 7.x-8.x
      2. Jira Cloud
      3. Atlassian Service Desk

      Support for Custom Plugin Fields

      SyncNow supports syncing custom plugin fields, custom plugin fields will be presented by default as text fields

      Support for Calculated, Scripted Fields

      SyncNow support scripted fields, scripted fields will be synched as string as long as long as JIRA API is returning them in a query.

      Fields and JIRA Metadata

      Jira API returns fields that exist in the entity type’s screen. The field name can be written in lower case in the field entity mapping manually if it is not visible. For example, a field called Critical Bugs Count can be set as critical bugs count


      The following are not supported during system synchronization or migration:

      1. Fields that does not appear in JIRA screen cannot by updated
      2. Issue Type change is not supported
      3. Moving an issue from one project to another
      4. Timer synchronization for Work logs will be done only for changed work logs with a start date earlier than 4 days from the synchronization date
      5. Schema select list fields values are not created

      XRAY Sync Limitations

      1. Changing in Test Steps do not trigger Sync
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