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      Example 2 – Sync Error

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      How to read the grid

      For example the grid has 1 sun run with error

      Sync Run from 13:00:23

      Few seconds before 13:00:23 – In a Jira instance of ClickSoft were created a Bug (CLS-115).

      13:00:23 – regular sync run found 1 updated entity in Lamdat – ClickSoft process. Changes was found only in Connector A (ClickSoft project in Jira)

      The Jira entity was synchronized to target system, a new entity was created in target system.


      Error was related to calculating of Assigned To field. It is not critical for current mapping. But report about it added to Status Errors page for discussed sync run

      This error also is displayed

      on Sync Errors page.

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