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      Field Mapping

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      Set field mapping to synchronize content from one field to another. The information below is for the field to field basic operations, there are advanced operations and transformation that can be done on every field which will be explained in a different article.

      Mapping can be inherited from global mapping this includes entities , links field mappings. After inheriting from global mapping you can still customize and add new field or entities to the mapping.

      Step By Step Guide

      1. Navigate to the Processes page
      2. Press the Mapping Entities button
        2.1. If the process inherits a global mapping then press the Edit Global Mapping button
      1. Press the Fields Mapping button near one entities pair
      1. Select fields pairs that should be synchronized between each other (for example, Summary to Title, Status to State)
      2. Select uni- or bi-directional synchronization
      3. Press the Plus button to add one more fields pair
      4. Press the Validate button to verify if the processes which have already inherited the global mapping won’t be broken.
      5. Press the Save button
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