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      Links Mapping

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      SyncNow has links , relations mapping engine. The engine works with work systems that has links between entities.

      SyncNow has also an option to work with field entity references, for example to get a contact name from a case entity in ServiceNow.

      Step By Step Guide

      1. Navigate to the Processes page
      2. Press the Mapping Entities button
        2.2. If the process inherits a global mapping then press the Edit Global Mapping button
      1. Press the Mapping Links button
      1. Select link types pairs that should be synchronised between each other (for example, Relates To to Related, Parent to Parent)
      2. Press the Plus button to add one more links pair
      3. Select default target link if one link (for example, “Related”) can be synchronized into different links
      4. Choose if systems can add/remove links in another one
      5. Press the Validate button to verify if the processes which have already inherited the global mapping won’t be broken.
      6. Press the Save button.

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