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      Azure DevOps Compatibility | Limitations

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      Supported Azure DevOps Server Editions from TFS 2017 and above

      Azure DevOps Server and Azure DevOps Service Limitations

      1. With timer synchronization (the default configuration) a change of a field is required if changing a relation, Azure DevOps does not notify if a user is only adding or removing relations in a work item. Sync Processes with subscription to WebHooks will be processed as expected.
      2. Changing entity type is not supported
      3. Currently, because of limitation of Azure DevOps API adding or removing work item links without changing any field in an entity will not trigger a synchronization event.
      4. Moving an entity to another project is not supported
      5. Test plan cannot be synchronized | migrated
      6. git commits or TFVC, if the related comment has multiple lines the first line will taken and set as remark when linking commits to Jira Issues.

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