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Upload Attachments to Entities


Uploads attachments to entities, that are mentioned in a comment.


Example Scenarios

  1. Upload logs or attach a report to security scan and a bug opened from any system
  2. Attach build report to an entity


The request URL should contains the system ID, this can be copied from the DevOps Process definition page.

PODT /api/v1.0/app/DevOpsGate/Enrich/{DevOpsProjectID}/Attachment

The payload should be in form-data or x-www-form-urlencoded

commentsComment which contains the entity ids to update with #{Entity ID} for example “String with updated entity keys is ready for other DevOps Gate APIs, #CLS-3933, #CLS-3938”
attachmentsA file blob with first attachment
attachmentsIf another attachment is needed add it as parameter with the same name


This is the response for the comment “String with updated entity keys is ready for other DevOps Gate APIs, #CLS-3933, #CLS-3938”.

    "updatedEntitiesID": [
            "systemID": "10",
            "entityKeys": [
                    "entityKey": "CLS-3933",
                    "attachmentsID": [
                    "entityKey": "CLS-3938",
                    "attachmentsID": [
    "errors": [],
    "warnings": []
updatedEntitiesIDAn array of updated entities
SystemIDThe System where the entities were created
entityKeysThe entities keys updated , the entity id and the attachment id created
ErrorErrors which has occurred during adding attachment
WarningWarnings which has occurred during adding attachment

Step By Step Instructions

  1. Create a DevOps Gate Process
  2. Create two entities in a target system that should be updated by the DevOps Gate
  1. Go to the DevOps Gate Process Configuration and add 2 allowed projects (for sake of demonstration of update entities from different projects)
  2. Press the How It Works link
  1. Select Upload Attachments
  2. Copy CURL
  1. Paste into a Command Line. Set entity keys of the entities created upper and execute
  1. To all entities from a commits were uploaded attachments
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