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With the DevOps Gate feature enterprise organizations have a gateway for receiving information from work systems and publish it in another work systems.

DevOps Gate Process can:

  1. Enrich work system – Create or Update entity with information from source work system. SyncNow also allows to add attachments to created entity
  2. Add comment to entity – Add comment with link to a resource such as build URL
  3. Link code – Link code from one work system to an entity which is mentioned in code comments to another work system using relations or links.

Update an entity with Code Quality Data

  1. Get commit id’s from code and update work system entities with related code quality data . SyncNow has SonarQube connector and Jenkins groovy scripts
  2. Create an entity with code quality data

    A common scenario can be creating a bug when code quality gate failed for a release, the bug will be created only once if configured per incident type.

Create or Update an entity with data

Create or Update an entity in target work system with data received from another system. Entities to update can be set from commit message.

For Example – Enrich JIRA Issue with security quality data received from build by calling our DevOps Gate API with entities ID information and parameters.

Link code written in one system to an issue in another system

For example link code written in Azure DevOps as a link to an issue in JIRA

Example Scenarios

Create a Bug when automatic tests has failed

Create a bug in target work system with data on failed automatic tests. Add attachments to to to the entity such as screenshots or logs.

Add a comment with build URL to all entities mentioned in commits

With SyncNow build URL can be added to comments in JIRA. SyncNow will extract the issue ids from the message.


Supported Scenarios

Target Systems

  1. Target Systems can be
    1. Azure DevOps | Azure DevOps Service
    2. JIRA Cloud | Server
    3. NetSuite
    4. HP-ALM

Source Systems

Source systems can be set with the following rules :

  1. Create , Update, add attachments and comments can be from these source systems :
    • Generic Connector
    • Sonarqube
    • Jenkins
  2. Link Code
    • Azure DevOps

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