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Entities Details

Entities page provides chronological sync history grouped by entities.

Here each entity that were source or target entity in the past has:

  • history of its synchronization (out and in)
  • entities, that currently are its pairs or was in the past
  • attachments list
  • links to other entities
  • reference to sync errors when ever the current entity was a source
  1. On the Entities page you can find;
  2. Advanced filters, that helps with more accurate search;

Sync History

  1. Review synchronization history for this entity
  1. Sync History tab contains history of deleted and active Sync and DevOps Gate Processes.
  2. A reference to a sync run in each grid row will open sync run details with
    • logs and
    • all updated entities, that were updated together with the current entity

Mapped Entities

  1. Review all pair entities (to which current entity was synchronized);
  2. Review all linked entities in the relative system;
  3. Review synchronized attachments and their status (Exists in Both Systems, Deleted Within the Current System, Deleted in the Synchronized System);
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