JIRA Cloud Connector

JIRA Cloud system connector can be used to synchronized , enrich, link issues from JIRA Cloud with other work systems. SyncNow can auto register JIRA webhooks for continuous synchronization. JIRA connector has the following features: Synchronize or Migrate entities such

Azure DevOps to JIRA+XRAY

In this article we will describe an example of setting a Sync Process to pass test, test plan, repository information for Azure DevOps to JIRA Create a Process Navigate to the Processes page Press the Add Process button Input a

JIRA – XRAY Extension

SyncNow operators can use our predefined template with XRAY extension to synchronize requirements, tests, defects to and from JIRA XRAY Syncnow XRAY extension has the following features : Syncing requirements with link to defects including comments, attachments , custom fields

JIRA Compatibility | Limitations

Compatibility JIRA System Connector supports: Jira Server | Data Center 7.x-8.x Jira Cloud Atlassian Service Desk Support for Custom Plugin Fields SyncNow supports syncing custom plugin fields, custom plugin fields will be presented by default as text fields Support for

JIRA Server | DC Connector

Jira system connector enables customer to Synchronize, link and enrich into and from JIRA Server | Data Center editions. Sync and DevOps gate Processes , as explained in previous sections of documentation, can be set to work with JIRA system

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