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      SyncNow Gateway Publisher Task

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      The SyncNow Gateway publisher extension enables easily, with few steps to publish Security | Quality | Build Information from Azure Pipelines into other work systems like JIRA | ServiceNow | MicroFocus or any supported SyncNow connected system. The extension will execute a configured action (update | link | comment) on all entities mentioned in code changes comments or create a new entity.

      The extension can be downloaded from Azure DevOps Marketplace

      Example Scenarios

      • Add a link to SonarQube Quality – SyncNow also gathers information from SonarQube directly
      • Update Security | Quality scan status into JIRA Issue or to any other connected system entity mentioned in code commits comments
      • Link any Azure DevOps Item, build, release and add it as a link or a comment with a link to any work system
      • Update build version into a field Issue mentioned in commits | TFVC
      • Create a bug and store it in any other work systems,set fields and add attachments regarding test runs

      How to configure

      Purpose – link builds of Azure DevOps into Jira Issues

      1. Create a DevOps Gate process in SyncNow with few steps
      2. Add SyncNow Publisher task to your pipeline
      3. Set SyncNow Endpoint with SyncNow base URL
      4. Choose the desired action and set the payload for the action (can be copied from SyncNow)
      5. Customize the payload with Azure DevOps variables, for example the variable $(Build.DefinitionName) will be replaced with the build definition name

      Configuration parameters

      • Name: Set the name of the task
      • SyncNow Endpoint: The base URL of SyncNow
      • Check Authenticate with credentials to send credentials from the endpoint defined in Azure DevOps to SyncNow
      • Sync DevOps Gate Process ID: this the ID of the gateway process, it can be taken from the process page in SyncNow
      • Action: choose the action to execute, the action will be executed on all entities mentioned in code comments
      Configuration Part 1
      • Attach: chose if to attach files to all entities that will be updated, created. Attachments can be filtered with minimatch patterns. Currently we support adding only two attachments, up to 20MB.
      • Maximum allowed changes: Set the maximum allowed entities that will be changed in the target system
      • Payload: the payload is a JSON that can be taken from file or from a script. The schema of the JSON can be copied SyncNow UI per any action required.
      Configuration Part 2

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