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Fields Support

SyncNow supports most of NetSuite field types, however NetSuite calculated fields and fields that do not store value cannot be synchronized .

User fields

  1. Fields that are References and refer to Employee record or other record, that contains users details, like email, username, full name etc., can be changed to User field.
  1. If a target field is not a User field as well, then additionally set which exactly property to save to the target system: email, full name or username

Reference fields

To successfully synchronize any Reference field need to add a reference path to the desired child entity on a depth, but no more than 30 levels in depth.

List Reference and Attachments fields

To synchronize List Reference and Attachments fields no other configuration is required

HTML fields

  1. To synchronize HTML field from NetSuite need to set field data type to HTML

Discussion fields

To synchronize discussions need to select Comment Virtual Field for NetSuite and refer it it real sub record. In this case the Custom Sub Record should has at least 2 fields:

  • Field with message
  • Field reference to the parent record
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