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      Environment Variables Configuration Parameters

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      Configuration parameters can be set from environment variables as follows:

      1. General configuration parameters such as database and system port
      2. Connector parameters (for v3.x and above)
      3. Notification parameters (for v3.x and above)

      General configuration parameters

      Environment ParameterDefault Value

      Connector Configuration

      Connectors configuration can be injected from an environment variable. Environment variables configuration takes precedence over user interface configuration.

      These configuration parameters can also be set from environment variable

      To make SyncNow reading the credentials from environment variables – create them before running the app.

      One system connector or notification provider can have few secret values, like APIKey, APISecret, AccessToken, AccessTokenSecret, Password.

      The name of an environment variable should contains info of system connector’s name (or notification provider’s name) and its secret property name.


      Example 1

      For example, for an access token to a system Azure DevOps an environment variable will be


      Example 2

      For one system connector with multiple secret values you can set all or only some of them into environment variables. Values that were not provided in environment variables will be taken from the database


      Notification Providers Configuration

      A password for a notification provider in the environment variable will be

      System connector’s name with special characters

      A name of an environment variable should not contain any characters besides latin letters, numbers and underscore. Use underscore in the environment variable name instead of any not supported symbols.


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