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      Azure DevOps Service Connector

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      Azure DevOps Service SyncNow System connector has the following features:

      1. Synchronize or Migrate entities such as features, user stories, bugs or any other entity from Azure DevOps Service to other work systems
      2. Link Azure DevOps Service Code TFVC or git into other work systems
      3. Synchronize or Migrate tests, into other work systems
      4. Synchronize comments, rich text fields, links, user and attachments

      Setting Azure DevOps Service System Connector

      1. Navigate to Systems page
      2. Press the Add System button
      1. Select “Azure DevOps Service” from Type dropdown
      2. Set the URL to Azure DevOps Service instance
      3. Set Azure DevOps Service Username that will be used to communicate for Azure DevOps Service
      4. Add Access Token to the instance. Create API token
      5. (Optional) Add preferable API version. Default is 4
      6. Set webhook security as explained here for DevOps Gate and Sync Azure DevOps auto subscription with webhooks
      7. Press Verify Connection button to check if connection is established
      8. Press the Save button

      A new system connector has been created

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