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      Data Security and Privacy Statement

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      Protecting your data and your privacy is a high priority and is very important to us. We do not give away any collected information. We may use that to improve our products and services.
      Below is our privacy and data security policy.


      LAMDAT currently provides only on-premise deployment of SyncNow, the application deployed communicates with the systems with the credentials set by the system administrator.

      Downloadable SyncNow Installation that can be installed in a server instance or docker image which is managed by the client.

      SyncNow managed by the client installation : On-Premise App

      Our On-Premise App may contain a feature that will send information about the license including:

      1. The version installed
      2. Customer instance ID of the product installed
      3. We may send if the number of users identified by SyncNow is above the license limit – but not the actual number of users using the system.


      All data stored is encrypted on transport and at rest by the system. SyncNow stores in the customer on premise database the following data:

      • Systems information : Information needed for SyncNow to connect to systems including password/Key for communicating with the system, username,  Shared Secret, Oauth ids. 
        Passwords, keys, secrets are encrypted in AES 256 key size.
      • SyncNow Account data: The account id, login date and time, configuration changes.
      • Operational Data: SyncNow stores id, keys and name of an entity – these may be the title or the summary of an entity.
      • Host System information – the host operating system name, version, CPU, total and available memory, number of running threads.
      • Account audit :  Logins, when and who entered the SyncNow. Configuration operations.
      • Logs : Data regarding SyncNow exceptions, synchronization process including the systems synchronized, entity ids, entity names, relation names and types, attachment id, names and size
      • Support Data: We allow customers to send support information on demand.. Support diagnostic package will contain relevant support data including Host system information, systems connection information, account Data, Operational Data, audit and logs. The package will be used to create a support ticket. The ticket will be viewed by one of our support | development team members.
      • The license issued contains details on customer subscription, systems allowed to be used, amount of users using the system, the license and customer support information is currently kept in Atlassian service desk cloud


      All work systems data as elaborated above will be stored at the customer servers, databases.


      SyncNow License needs to be renewed annually. The license issued contains all the data (as elaborated above) needed to activate the SyncNow, the license issued will be sent in a secure channel through our support system.

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